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Middlewich is an historic and ancient settlement at the heart of Cheshire, which dates back into pre-history and the first hunter gatherers.

Middlewich is a town that takes pride in its heritage from the abundance of Roman Archaeology to the Industrial Revolution and the canals that were built to service it. Salt has always been a common thread of life throughout the ages; the Roman Army set up a permanent fort and created a settlement and industrial working areas. A Medieval market rose up around the salt industries and associated trades creating a Middlewich Town that we see today.

St Michael and All Angels Church dominates the centre of town, which retains the original Medieval Town Plan. As a forward thinking town Middlewich has everything, listed and historical buildings, modern amenities, good transport links and a beautiful canal system. The latter has exceptional towpath walks and trail boards to follow in the footsteps of Middlewich settlers Past and Present.

Middlewich Town Tours

Trails Galore!

Explore the Ancient Town of Middlewich and get a special insight into an historic Salt Town in Cheshire.

The Roman Trail ‘Story of the Roman Fort and settlement’

Starting from the Library Roman Display, discover the settlements of the Cornovii tribe, the Roman Army and Romanised traders. This tour tells the story of the early settlers and highlights just how important Middlewich was in the Roman era especially in regards to salt-making and trades.

(1.5 hour approx. duration)

Canal and Salt Trail ‘A scenic and industrial revelation!’

A walk to sites that made Middlewich what it is today, we pass some fantastic wildlife areas along the way. Explore the three canals and learn the importance of the canal to Middlewich as an important salt route and turning point in the fortunes of a small market town.

(2 hours approx. duration)

Ancient Middlewich Town Tour ‘Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors’

Nice short trail through our historical town, informative and fact packed! Visit the scenes of civil unrest, early settlements and salvation, this tour tells it all (1- 1.5 hour approx. duration)

St Michael and All Angels Tour ‘Fabulous and revealing’

Learn about the history of the church, its people and its place in the community. Great opportunity to see the Church in all its glory and explore elements that date from the 12th Century to the Victorian era. (40 mins approx. duration)

Tours vary in length and content and can be tailored for any group or age group,

for schools further details on the tours can be found on www.middlewich-heritage.org.uk under school resources, for groups please contact: Kerry Fletcher on 01606 841379 or email: heritage@middlewich.org.uk

For details about how to travel to Middlewich and places to eat and drink, please refer to our What’s On Guide.

There are no fixed prices for the tours, as they are all variable; we work on a donation basis. All money raised goes to fund leaflet reprints and other heritage work in the town.

What to see and do in Middlewich

Middlewich Trails Brochure – Available through the online shop or Free from Middlewich Library or the Victoria Building on Lewin Street. Eight walks are offered here to give you an insight into Middlewich, whether you wish to explore the town, our canals or surrounding countryside, you’ll find a walk to suit you. All walks are over definitive footpaths, canal towpaths with linking roads and pavements.

Archaeological evidence of the Roman Fort and Settlement has been placed under the care of the Chester Grosvenor Museum. Some of the ‘finds’ uncovered in Middlewich are currently on display at Middlewich Library on Lewin Street.

Artefacts on display include:

  • The Middlewich hoard of silver denarii

  • Roman military discharge diploma

  • Examples of Samian ware and other locally made pottery items

  • Leather shoes

  • Large amphora from Spain

  • Brooches and much more…

Information panels tell you about the development of the settlement and a life size model of a Roman Auxiliary Soldier shows what they would have been wearing in Britain.

A Roman trail leaflet is available from the Library for anyone wanting to find out more about the Romans in Middlewich. This trail can be done with a guide, who can give you more information and answer questions or as a self-guided trail. The first interpretation board is to the left of the main entrance. The trail takes around 1.5 hours and follows 12 interpretation boards altogether.


St Michael and All Angels Church may go back to the 12th century at least and over the centuries has changed a great deal, paid for by Salt Money and shaped by the landed gentry of the time. The church contains craftsmanship dating back to the Normans and is the resting place of the last of the Venables Family who controlled so much of the town.

The church is historically interesting, beautifully crafted and awe-inspiring, well worth visiting.

To visit the church you can do so in a couple of ways. Either call into Number 28 opposite the church gate, if there is no service, one of the volunteers will open between 10.30am and 2pm weekdays. If you want to ensure that you can go into the church and just want a look around then it’s always best to call ahead and check directly with the parish office on admin@middlewichparishchurch.org.uk or phone: 01606 738005.

Alternatively if you are interested to learn about the history of the church you can book a guide through Middlewich Town Council. There are no information panels in the church so a guide is recommended. Donations to the church are appreciated.

heritage@middlewich.org.uk or phone 01606 841379



Take a towpath stroll! If you do not want to follow a set trail, a canal walk is great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town without having to walk miles to access wildlife and country sights. Simply drop down to the Trent and Mersey via Leadsmithy Street or Wych House Lane. Turning left takes you to the fabulous scenery at Croxton and the Big Lock Pub. Turning right takes you past Andersson Boating Holidays, The Three Locks, Canal Terrace and Middlewich Narrowboats, towards the Shropshire Union Canal. All within a few minutes walk.

The towpath in both directions has been upgraded and signage will tell you where to turn back into town. Suitable for all ages.


Why not combine your visit with the Artisan Market, held on the last Saturday of each month on Wheelock Street.

Kerry Fletcher on 01606 841379 or email: heritage@middlewich.org.uk