Murgatroyd’s and the Brine Pump Project – 18th, 19th June 2011

The legend and legacy of the Murgatroyd works will be brought to life through images, artefacts, film and public consultation on the only surviving building; the Brine Pump.

Open: 11am—4pm on the Town Wharf, a part of the Middlewich FAB Festival. Free admission.

  • Presentation Boards to illustrate the historic background and legacy of the Salt Industry that George Murgatroyd set up his business in.
  • The Murgatroyd’s Gallery – Images of the salt works and its operation
  • Items from Murgatroyd’s on display – Artefacts saved from the works during its various stages of change and closure
  • Public consultations on the options for the site – How important is the Brine Pump and what is the way forward? Explore the meaning of the site and have your say about its future and relevance to the community.  
  • Executive summary and Brine Pump leaflets available to the community
  • Model of the Pump on display.
  • Film showing: Murgatroyd’s Salt Works before its closure, The Brine Pump at work, Murgatroyd’s new Chemical plant, Elworth.