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Venables In Upper Normandy

Now that the historical basis of the Friendship between Middlewich and Venables is understood, it is necessary to return to Normandy. In this Chapter, Patrick Lequette, President of the Venables Cultural and Sports Association [A.C.S.V.], Assistant Mayor of Venables, leading light in the establishment of the Gilbert de Venables Cultural Centre and keen village historian, introduces Venables and its surrounding hamlets. He outlines the long and interesting history of the area, prior to and during the days of Gilbert de Venables. He concludes with descriptions of the adjacent hamlets and the key features of 11th and 12th century Venables. Patrick has been deeply involved in stimulating a series of initiatives, principally implemented by volunteers within the Cultural and Sports Association of Venables (A.C.S.V.), as a result of which, together with the interest shown by the Municipal Council for these projects, the village of Venables is now known throughout the world.