Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Celebrating a 10 year anniversary, Middlewich Town Council held The Roman Middlewich Festival on the 24th and 25th September 2011.

Located on this website are links to photographic galleries containing many fantastic images of this years Roman Event. We also have ‘you tube’ footage via James Balme and as a special request from many visitors; we now have the ‘Roman Fort Virtual Tour’ video.

Many thanks to those who sent in photographs, the spirit of the Festival was certainly captured, enjoy!

“The Roman Middlewich Project has had such a major influence in our Town over the last decade, in terms of creating a pride in our community; developing the awareness and profile of Middlewich, engaging volunteers, and encouraging community groups to become involved with the Civic life of the Town”.

“I take great pride in being Mayor of this Town, and I value our Heritage and sense of Community. I hope, after attending this event that you will understand why”.

Cllr Sonya Edwards, Town Mayor


A video covering many aspects of the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011 is available by clicking on the link below.