Salt Industry Pictures (29)

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Ahh Bisto For All Meat Poster



Bob Gunther Paech 1965
Manchester Evening News



Brine Pump House 1906 Steam Driven



Cerebos Marketing



Cerebos Packing Ancient



Filling The Sacks At Seddons



Jack Clark, Tom Gallimore,
Bob Paech and Bill Challinor 1963



Lagos Salt In Africa



Lagos Salt In Africa 2



Lifting A Pan With A Jigger
Murgatroyds 1963


Loading The Seddons Wagons



Murgatroyds From The Air



Murgatroyds Open Pans 1950
Len Lumpman


Outting At Blackpool 1954



Pepper Street Works



Pepper Street Works 2



Pepper Street Works 3



Pepper Street Works 4



Prince Philip Visit To RHM


Reg Seddon, John Costello
and Arthur Jones



Reg Seddon, John Costello
and Arthur Jones 2



Seddons Girls


Seddons Offices Pepper Street



Seddons Workers



Tom Lightfoot Pumpman


Unloading Coal At Seddons



Verdin And Middlewich
Salt Cerebos



Working On The Bisto Line


Working The Cerebos Salt
Line Modern Equipment