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      MUDC agreed that the Town Hall be used for purposes of the local war relief committee, rifle club, and scouts also that the Red Cross Society be allowed the use of rooms for the Nurses examinations for free. Mrs Roylance Court has received a letter from her son-in-law Brigadier General Rolt in which he…
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    Middlewich Town Council’s ‘Middlewich and the Great War Project’ wins Heritage Lottery Fund support. Today Middlewich Town Council has received £9,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through their Sharing Heritage programme, for an exciting project, Middlewich and the Great War. Led by Middlewich Town Council, the project focuses on schools, community groups and…
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Saltscape Landscape Partnership Following the recent approval of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for Saltscape, Groundwork Cheshire are seeking to recruit a Project Manager and Project Officer on behalf of the Saltscape Partnership who will work closely together to deliver the approved Landscape Conservation Action Plan over the next three years. The Saltscape Landscape…
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