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We at Middlewich Heritage are regularly out on the web looking for further historic and local information of interest. When we find a great site we will list it here for you to enjoy. If you have any heritage or historic links that would be of interest to Middlewich Heritage visitors please do let us know so that we can add them here. From the list below choose one of our weblink topics, then select a URL to visit.

Middlewich and The Great War Blog

Middlewich Town Council has received £9,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through their Sharing Heritage programme, for an exciting project, "Middlewich and the Great War". Led by Middlewich Town Council, the project focuses on schools, community groups and residents coming together to commemorate and increase our understanding of the Great War era.
Through the project we aim to explore the Great War and its impact on our community by setting a challenge from the Town Mayor and Middlewich Town Council to local schools and community groups. This challenge would be a framework of ideas linked to the 'Roll of Honour' and background research carried out by Middlewich Heritage Officer, volunteers and local historians looking at Town life and the War effort.

The project would consist of schools and groups taking ownership of the different parts of the project such as the serving armed forces, role of the Red Cross, the war at home, and Great War battles that Middlewich men were involved in, etc. Each part would be developed by the different groups and the results brought back together again in a large scale Town Exhibition on 4th and 5th October 2014. This means that the information gathered is safeguarded for the future as each part is explored in different ways and the resulting methods shown to the wider public. Chosen forms could be poetry, media, interpretation boards, art-work or drama pieces.

Updates on this exciting Project and event will be posted via websites and social media, plus this new blog site linking in with Middlewich's commemoration of the Great War.


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Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse is the new name for the Salt Museum in London Road, Northwich. This will allow the Lion Salt Works in nearby Marston to develop as the main salt-related visitor attraction for the area. Weaver Hall Museum will uncover many of the other stories relating to the fascinating history of Cheshire as well as exploring the workhouse history of this imposing Victorian building.


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Middlewich Heritage Survey for supporting future projects and funding.

Can You Get Xanax Prescription Online

Community Led Regeneration...

Protecting and preserving the natural and built environment. Developing a sustainable transport infrastructure. Maintaining a strong economy. Nurturing a sense of community spirit and safety.

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The Town Council is providing this service to ensure that anyone with an interest in Middlewich has access to as much information as we can provide.

Get Prescribed Xanax Online

A resource for the town of Middlewich, Cheshire. Featuring photographs and items of interest, old and new, and building up the story of the town’s past, present and future.

Xanax 2Mg Bars Buy

Photography for Private-Public- & ALL kinds of FUN-Parties and Social. No charge to attend- NO Travel costs-or time limits!! Deposit for Mobile Photography Studio ONLY- (Professional Mini Studio-lighting / backcloths. ONLY costs for photo prints or / EVENT Photo CD's.

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Tourist information, Things to do in Middlewich, Places to eat in Middlewich, How to get to Middlewich.


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The fascinating history of one of Cheshire's most attractive and historic towns is brought to life by Nantwich Museum, founded in January 1980. Located in Pillory Street, at the heart of the town, the museum has main galleries telling the story of Nantwich through the ages - Roman salt making, Tudor Nantwich's Great Fire, the Civil War Battle of Nantwich (1644) and the more recent shoe and clothing industries.

Email: enquiries@nantwichmuseum.org.uk or telephone 01270 627104, Website: www.nantwichmuseum.org.uk.

Online Pill Store Xanax

Middlewich's own directory of local resources.

Uk Xanax Buy

Cheshire is a county in North West England. Rock salt was laid down in this region some 220 million years ago, during the Triassic geological era. Seawater moved inland from an open sea, creating a chain of shallow salt marshes across what is today the Cheshire basin. As the marshes evaporated, deep deposits of rock salt were formed.

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The start of restoration work began in August 2009. Read our archive section and back copies of our quarterly newsletter to see how we have made progress to restore this important site. Our events and news will be constantly updated, so please visit again. (Also see the link for the Lion Salt Works blog)

Alprazolam Tablets Online Purchase

The start of restoration work began in August 2009. A blog diary was kept of the work with links to video recordings of specific preparations. This can be found on www.lionsaltworks.blogspot.com will bring you regular updates of the building works. (Also see the link for the Lion Salt Works web site)

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Information on the ECOSAL Atlantis project.

Order Xanax From Canada

Bournemouth University and the ECOSAL Atlantis project.

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The Cheshire Historic Environment Record (CHER) is the record of all known archaeological sites and historic landscapes in Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Halton and Warrington.

It includes sites dating from prehistory through to the military remains of the more recent past.

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Cheshire East Borough Council provides archaeological advice through the Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service. The Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service is responsible for safeguarding Cheshire's archaeology through the planning process. It is a shared service between Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council, as well as the authorities of Warrington and Halton.

The Archaeology of Cheshire East - in 10 Objects (PDF, 467KB). We highlight ten objects that tell the story of Cheshire East's past. Read our leaflet then seek out these fascinating objects to see them up close.

Where To Buy Xanax Powder

This is the blog page from the Jersey Way dig. Contains the latest news and pictures from the dig.

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This link will take you to a dedicated webpage for Great war events and links throughout Cheshire East

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