The ‘Bestwick Finds’

During the 1960s and 1970s a number of excavations were undertaken in Middlewich by John Bestwick, an MA student at Manchester University. As seen in the precedeing section, the results of these excavations were never fully published and while some of the artefacts made their way into local museums, a large collection was ultimately stored in Mr Bestwick's wife's garage in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

In  2004 Mrs Joan Bestwick returned the collection of artefacts to the Roman Middlewich Project, following a lengthy correspondence with Tim Strickland (then of Gifford and Partners) and Don Stubbs, former engineer and surveyor to Middlewich Urban District Council. 

The finds were assessed and catalogued, then repackaged for long term storage and the archive deposited with the Cheshire County Museums Service (Accession No NOCMS.2004.59).

The contents of the paper archive can be viewed by clicking on the section headings below. These include the complete catalogue of artefacts, and a background to the archive.

01: The story of John Bestwick at Middlewich and the Middlewich Archaeological Society

02: General background to the Bestwick Finds

03: Summary of the finds and method statement for the creation of an archive

04: Small finds catalogue for Bestwick Site C

05: Coins from the Bestwick excavations

06: Catalogue of finds from Bestwick Excavations (handwritten version)

07: Catalogue of finds from Bestwick Excavations (typed version)

08: Recommendations for further action