These photographs have been collected from the local community during the ‘War at Home’ project. We are always looking for more War material from Middlewich, if any of you out there have any that we can copy, please get in contact.
Some photographs were used on the interpretation boards for the WW2 Weekend, but not all…Here are a selection of images given with permission to the project.
The Rolls Royce images were given to the ‘War at Home’ project to use by kind permission of Bentley. Thanks in particular to Andrew Robertson, Production Planning Manager. The images represent the set up of the Rolls Royce Factory in 1938 and the Royal visit a couple of years later, I’ve selected a few images to show on this website. Many Middlewich people worked in the Rolls Royce Factory during war-time and felt the loss as a bomber killed 17 people. The memorial to the people who lost their lives still remains at the factory close to the site of the bombing.

Allan Earl is also a large contributor and supporter of the ‘War at Home’ Project. Many thanks to Allan for giving his permission to use his images.


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