‘Your Heritage’  Photographic Competition

‘Your Heritage’ Photographic Competition

Supported by Middlewich Town Council


The environment in which we live and work in has been shaped by our ancestors for thousands of years. Cheshire is a landscape steeped in history; it has been an industrial and agricultural land with established route-ways dating back to the Iron Age and engineered waterways from the Industrial Revolution. Each part of Cheshire is distinctive and unique.

Brief: To capture an image of Cheshire, exploring the landscape both natural & worked and historic built environment. For 2011 we are introducing a new category that explores ‘Working Cheshire’, a chance to dig deeper into how we live and work in Cheshire today. (Old traditions verses modern thinking)

This exciting opportunity exists for young budding photographers, enthusiastic amateurs and semi– professional photographers to take part in the Annual ‘Your Heritage’ exhibition. All winners and finalists from each category will be displayed at the Folk and Boat Festival on 18th and 19th June 2011.



Exploring the past can often be the key to the future.


 Categories Ideas

 The Urban environment

Historical buildings and structures, streets and skylines…


The natural and man-made landscapes, land marks and earthworks…

‘Working Cheshire’

Special Category for this year, scenes of Cheshire in Action, industry shots, Working within the landscape, working lives…
Environmental conservation: The Nature and wildlife that live in our communities, to their benefit or demise?


The deadline for entries through the post and receiving day for those who want to hand deliver their pictures is Friday 10th June 2011, 9am – 6pm, Room 5, Victoria Building, Lewin St, Middlewich, CW10 9AS. Telephone: 01606 841379 or email:  kerry@middlewichvision.org.uk

Click here for an entry form in pdf format