Salt-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Salt-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

The Salt-Making Activity was part of a partnership project between Middlewich Town Council and Andrew Fielding representing the Ecosal Atlantis project. Run in the UK by Bournemouth University, the project is in its infancy but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with progress.

We are delighted to be a part of this European partnership, focusing on Salt Routes / trade on the Atlantic coast line of which Middlewich was an important part. There is an opportunity for all the locations within the partnership, to learn more about salt-making and think about more effective ways of collecting data, engaging the public and linking with sites different from our own.

The project website can be found at

Main objectives of the project

Produce guidelines for cultural and heritage management of the salt working sites based on a heritage database containing natural and cultural heritage data. Good cultural and heritage management and enhancement of natural areas needs good knowledge of the potential of those territories therefore the data obtained should be easy to use and disseminate.

‘Establish guidelines for heritage management of the salt-working areas (natural and cultural) which support the Route in two ways: internally – as a tool for the partners work; externally – information/dissemination actively involving the public with the sites’.

A video of the Salt-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011 is available by clicking on the link below.