WW2 Weekend Costume Ideas

WW2 Weekend Costume Ideas

The Middlewich WW2 Weekend 18th and 19th September 2010

1930’s and 1940’s Costume Ideas

Utility designs followed the square shouldered and short skirted fashions of the war era whilst sticking to the strict regulations for minimal cloth usage.  Buttons were limited and turn back cuffs were eliminated.  Skirts some 19 inches from the ground were usual.

Fashion items that became popular were the wedge sole shoe, the turban, the siren suit and the kangaroo cloak.  The turban equalised people of all sorts.  It began as a simple safety device to prevent the wearer’s hair entangling in factory machinery.  It doubled as a disguise for unkempt hair which women had less time to attend to being so busy running homes, jobs and giving extra help wherever they could.


We have prepared lots more costume ideas in a 5 page ideas sheet, please click on the link below to view the document:  

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