King Richard III talk at Nantwich Museum

Bob Savage, Weapons Expert for the University of Leicester ‘Search for Richard III’ Archaeological Team, will give a talk at Nantwich Museum entitled:  Killed the Boar, Shaved his Head, the Violent Death of King Richard III. The talk, which contains some images that some viewers may find disturbing, will take place at 7.00 pm (arrival from 6.30 pm) on Friday 1 May.

Bob Savage has been studying the skeleton of Richard III since its discovery and is one of the handful of experts to have physically examined the remains. Examination of the weapons trauma on the skeleton enabled an attempt to be made to identify the various types of weapons that may have been used to make them. As a result, using both historical and archaeological evidence, a potential sequence of events has allowed the possible last moments and death of Richard III – ‘the king under the car park’ to be discovered.

Tickets are available from Museum Reception £6 (Museum Members £5) including a drink and nibbles. Booking is strongly recommended.

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104; Website:

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