Photographic Competition Countdown

10 weeks countdown to the Middlewich Photographic Competition deadline

The countdown has started for the competition deadline! Spring has definitely come at last, so the chance to get out and about with your camera has arrived. Cheshire has plenty to explore for everyone.

If you are a new comer to photography, there are plenty of clubs, courses and on-line help to get you started. There’s almost a camera club for every town, but if you want to potter around yourself and see what you can do, have a look on-line for some extra help.

Last year the two most asked questions were about composition and mounting your picture for the competition, so here are a couple of links to help you.

The first link is via Nantwich Camera Club, they have a good ‘how to’ guide that can be downloaded via They also have a lot about using software for your pictures which is worth a look.

The other is via Digital Camera Magazine, they have some good articles to help you achieve that perfect composition in your photographs. This is the link:

For those looking for action shots, don’t forget that Middlewich will be full of Civil War Re-enactors on the late Bank Holiday in May 24th and 25th. Plenty of action shots to take during the two days and the skirmish commences around 2pm each day.

For more information call Middlewich Town Council on 01606 833434 or email