Yet another fantastic piece of history comes to light! A 17th Century ring has been found; decorated with the most fabulous floral scroll work with black enamelling. On the interior is inscribed with ‘Death is the waye to life’.

This beautiful ring may have been made between 1658 – 1669 and would have been worked on by a very fine craftsman. It’s not your average gold ring!

Further research will be done to try and find out as much as possible about the ring and circumstances surrounding it. In the meantime, the ring has been classed as Treasure and therefore comes under the Treasure Act 1996. It has been valued at £1,900 and is currently in the care of the British Museum. Middlewich Town Council has been given a chance to secure the ring for display in our community if we can raise the money by the end of April 2013.

The Heritage Development Officer is urgently looking to raise funds but seeks the public’s help in raising donation money. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have this item to show to the community, it represents a difficult period in the lives of Middlewich people but also the status of the landowners.

If Middlewich Town Council cannot raise £1,900 then the ring will go on general sale and we will lose it. To pledge money simply email, stating your full name, address and contact phone number with how much you want to pledge. We will not take any payment until the pledges reach the target, if we are successful we will contact you and organise payment, if we do not reach the target then no monies will be taken.

To read more about this ring and why it is so important click here.

This video produced with the help of Middlewich High School highlights the appeal for funding: