In the 1960s and 70s a number of sites were excavated by John Bestwick to the west of King Street. At the time these were the most extensive excavations ever carried out in the town, but unfortunately they were never fully puiblished, and only interim statements were produced.

The collection of articles below represents the summation of this work at sites A-K (see figure below for locations). These include five hand-typed newsletters (two are combined) and a paper on the Middlewich briquetage which was published in ‘Salt: the Study of an Ancient Industry’, published by the Colchester Archaeological Group in 1975. the latter contains a type-series for the Middlewich briquetage which has been employed in the study of the briqutage from Buckley’s Field (see The Finds, right).

For reference, Bestwick Site J is Buckley’s Field. During the Community Dig the backfill of one of his trenches was rediscovered.

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