Schools Resources – War at Home

The schools section works with the War at Home Project information and it breaks it down into themes; making it more user friendly for teachers. The worksheets are suggestions of how you can run class activities and produce work focusing on the pupils/school environment and National Strategy areas.
Further resources for teachers (contact the Heritage Officer, Middlewich Town Council):

  • “Middlewich at War” by Allan Earl. A year to year diary of how Middlewich town and it’s people coped with war.
  • Copyrighted photographs and information contained on this website
  • Handling/Display objects to show to class.
  • CD “War at Home” with interviews and songs.
  • Requested access to interview material for school work.

Please click on the links below to open the required worksheets:

1. Develop a life in a shoe box

2. War Savings / Propaganda Posters

3. Write a booklet to the Middlewich People at War on behalf of the ‘Comforts Committee’

4. Rationing

5. Newspaper article

For full project information and further galleries please see:

6. War at Home

7. Middlewich during the Great War