This page shows the change from above-ground gas storage to underground storage in salt cavities

Before the use of natural gas, coal gas was produced by heating coal to extract the gas which was then stored in containers called gas holders, often incorrectly referred to as gasometers.. The images below show the former gas holder at the foot of High Street, Winsford. (Images used with the premission of Winsford History Society.)

Nowadays imported natural gas is pumped across the country and stored in specially prepared underground cavities which are produced by pumping water into salt layers and extracting the salt as brine.
The PowerPoint file below shows the Storengy site which is off King Street, Stublach – just north of Middlewich.
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The youtube video to the right shows how the Stublage site operates to store and to supply natural gas. Clicking on the symbol at the bottom right of the video as it is playing will expand it to full page