The Saltscape project ‘highlights the unique character of the Weaver Valley’s salt-making landscape’.

The area covered by the project stretches from Middlewich to Frodsham and looks at the development of the surrounding landscape that has been modified through Industry.

The River Weaver and Trent & Mersey Canal, the highways of the past, were littered with Salt Works and associated trades. Trading routes were key to the success of inland salt-working sites in Cheshire, therefore not only did the landscape change through the industries but natural watercourses were also changed and engineered with spectacular results.
The Saltscape is a landscape unique in Britain. A landscape formed by salt. Salt marsh vegetation normally found on the coast thrives around brine springs while flashes created by salt subsidence and lime-beds created by industrial waste are now unique and valuable wildlife habitats. Only in the Weaver Valley will you find this unique mix of wildlife habitats, post-industrial landscapes, rivers and canals that result from Cheshire’s industrial salt heritage.

The Saltscape Vision

The Story of Salt in Cheshire