Teaching Session 4 : The Development of Roman Middlewich

Aim to use the reconstructive aerial views to gain an understanding of different stages of the Roman Settlement of Middlewich.

Use the words in bold above each passage to fill in the blanks spaces:

Middlewich in the early first century AD

Salt before west woodland Celtic River

There are two rivers in this picture. To the _______ is the river Cocoa and to the north the ______ Dane. There are trackways that meet at the crossing-point on the River Croco. These were here _____ the Romans and some of them were already very ancient. The farmsteads belonged to the local _______ tribe, the Cornovians. If you look to the East you can find some brine springs from which the ______ was extracted. Some of the area has been cleared but much of it is surrounded by ______ and the remains of the primeval forest.


Roman Middlewich in the middle of the first century

Middlewich camp forest infantry Croco farmsteads

The Romans have made a temporary _______. The _____________ in the picture belong to the Cordovans, Many of the pre-Roman trackways are still in use. You can make out a Roman _______ regiment marching into town, heading for the crossing-point over the River ______. Today the modern bridge in the centre of _______ is ver near that crossing point. The regiment has come from the direction of Chester. There is still woodland and ________ around the area.