With authorative content from eminent archaeologist Tim Strickland MBE.

This film was written and produced by Take27 in 2003 for Middlewich Town Council and Gifford and Partners to celebrate the Roman festival of that year. It has recently been updated with a voice-over by eminent archaeologist Tim Strickland MBE and forms part of Archaeologist & Presenter James Balme’s documentary for the 2007 Middlewich Roman Festival. 

The film is historical virtual reality tour of the Roman Fort at Harbutts Field, Middlewich. Reproduced for Middlewich Town Council in 2011 and presented here for Middlewich Heritage.



During the last few centuries BC Middlewich was within the territories of the Celtic Cornovii tribe. This article by Tim Strickland covers the period from that time through to the end of the Roman occupation.To view the article please click on this link:

Roman Timeline by Tim Strickland (pdf file)