How to find your way through the Virtual Dig

  • The dig first provides you with some very useful information – click ‘next’ to proceed through the pages.
  • Next an aerial view of Middlewich will be displayed – look for potential dig sites by moving mouse pointer over the scene.
  • The Mouse pointer changes to a pointed index finger when it is over an area of interest – click on this area to zoom in.
  • Each click  zooms in closer and when zoomed right in you may be lucky enough to make a ‘find’  and an information panel about the ‘find’ will pop up.
  • The find information panel will also contain 3 sentences about what the find means but are they correct? – Click on the information and the answer will be given in the panel below.

  • Click ‘X CLOSE X’ to exit the information panel and carry on digging.
  • Click ‘Finish’ at the bottom right corner of the aerial view when you have finished your dig.

To get started click: Start Virtual Dig

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