The natural geology was encountered in all trenches, there having been little or no disturbance from later activities. This comprised clean, free-draining pale yellow/brown – orange sand, with very little variation in composition across the site. The topography of the natural sand gradually slopes down to the southwest, from around 32.87m AOD near to King Street to around 31.75m AOD near the drop-off towards the River Croco:
Trench Depth of Natural Depth Below Existing Ground Level
1 32.87m AOD  1.10m
12 32.44m AOD (northern end)32.32m AOD (southern end)  0.64m0.76m
4 32.20m AOD (northern end)31.75m AOD (southern end)  0.86m1.05m
9 32.96m AOD  1.17m