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Geoff and Salli Page’s work to locate the final resting place of every Middlewich man who fell in the Great War and to mark each grave with a poppy of behalf of the Middlewich community.

The locations of the graves of those who are recorded on the Roll of Honour

The buttons below will take you to lists of names and locations; the first in name order, the second in location order.

Philip Andrews – The Fragrant Blossoms of Middlewich

Philip has published two books based on research into the men named in the Roll of Honour who died as a result of their war service.
The titles are taken form the following quotation which was in the Roll of Honour:
“The splendid dead
Who gave the fragrant blossom of their youth
At duty’s call.” – Hamish Mann

Copies of the books can be obtained from – hclovell67@yahoo.co.uk

Gallery of press cuttings, etc.

A gallery of press cuttings, certificates, census returns, photographs, etc compiled for producing
The Fragrant Blossoms of Middlewich