Early salt making in Cheshire

The salt industry in Cheshire originates thousands of years ago and, during that time, was concentrated in three areas – the towns of Middlewich, Nantwich and Northwich – the three ‘wiches’. Whilst the three wiches have received some attention from historians there has never been a comparative study of them in one publication detailing the early salt making processes until now.

Tony’s new book does so as it explores the history of the production of salt in Cheshire. 

At 7.00 on 13th April in Middlewich British Legion Club, Tony will be talking about the  book as part of the Middlewich Heritage Trust talks programme

The books are priced at £12 but are discounted to £10 on the night and can be signed.

The book will appeal to anyone interested in the history of Cheshire and to those who are interested in the history of the salt industry. 

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