Archaeological finds from the Roman Occupation at Middlewich have been made for over 250 years. Over the course of that time theories about the Roman settlement have been discussed and the site of the Roman Fort debated amongst the landowners, residents and professionals.

The first conclusive evidence of a Roman Fort was not found until 1993, when a geophysical survey of Harbutt’s Field was carried out, clearly showing the defensive ditches and gateways.

The archaeological evidence of Roman occupation from numerous digs over the years has enabled Middlewich Town Council and Middlewich Heritage Trust to introduce a range of learning resources to schools.

We can offer:

  • A Guided Roman Middlewich Trail
  • A new and updated Archaeological Exhibition at Middlewich Library
  • Online Virtual Museum with session plans
  • Demonstration of how the Romans made Salt
  • A school resource pack that includes:
    Replica Roman items from everyday life, Inc. costume. Pieces of actual ‘Finds’ from the Roman Town, a Roman Middlewich reference book and illustrations of what we consider the Middlewich area looked like.
  • A school visit by trained guides:
    To bring along some items from the community dig and enable children to see and handle archaeological finds.

We link into the history/local history curriculum and through the resources we encourage debate, questioning and listening skills.

Related subjects include Science, Geography and Art & Design.

See our range of Trails and Talks

For further information and to book resources please contact:

Kerry Kirwan BA (Hons), Heritage Development Officer,
Room 1 Victoria Building, Lewin Street, Middlewich. CW10 9AS 01606 833434 Option 3


Explore the Ancient Town of Middlewich and get a special insight into an historic Salt Town in Cheshire.

Choose from:

  • The Roman Trail ‘Story of the Roman Fort and settlement’
    Starting from the New Museum Exhibition at Middlewich Library, discover the settlements of the Cornovii tribe. Walk in the footsteps of the Roman Army and Romanised traders as they set up a Military Fort and Town. Explore the new town, its people and trading routes with the rest of Britain.
    (1.5 hour approx. duration)
  • Canal and Salt Trail ‘A scenic and industrial revelation!’
    A walk to historical sites that made Middlewich what it is today. We explore the ancient market town and the canals that serviced a thriving salt industry. Learn how trade changed our landscape and discover fantastic wildlife areas along the way.
    (2 hours approx. duration)
  • Ancient Middlewich Town Tour ‘Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors’
    Nice short trail through our historical town, informative and fact packed! Visit the older parts of the town and learn the history of the Baron of Kinderton and his people through time.
    (1 hour approx. duration)
  • St Michael and All Angels Tour ‘Fabulous and revealing’
    Learn about the history of the church, its people and its place in the community, great opportunity to see the Church in all its glory and explore. The church façade hides a history dating back to the 12th Century, with some fabulous highlights including the rare Venables Screens and a Whitefriars window.
    (40 mins approx. duration)
  • New* Middlewich and the Salt Trade
    This is a trail around our historic salt working sites. Walking through what were once vibrant industrial areas from the Iron Age to the 20th Century, we look at the people involved and how technology put Middlewich on the front line of chemical advancement. This trail finishes at the newly opened Murgatroyd’s Brine Pump site.
    (2hours approx. duration)

Tours vary in length and content and can be tailored for any school, group, ability or age group, for further details on the tours please contact: Kerry Kirwan on 01606 833434 or email:

Talks and Presentations about middlewich

  • George Murgatroyd
    The Man who changed Middlewich’s fortunes
  • Murgatroyds Brine Pumps Project
    The project journey so far…
  • A Cheshire Salt Town
    A tour through Middlewich, it’s people and it’s history
  • Middlewich in the Civil War
    The battles of Middlewich in the civil war and the people behind the strategies.
  • Middlewich and the Great War
    Local history of Middlewich during WWI, stories of wartime through the eyes of residents.
    (more suited to schools)
  • Archive and Artefacts
    Building a picture of Middlewich. How we are working with our collection, what we hold and understanding the towns historical data
  • Middlewich in WWII
    Local history of Middlewich during WWII, at home and away 1st Sept 1939 – 2nd Sept 1945. (more suited to schools)
  • Normans
    Legacy of the conquest and the Barons of Kinderton
  • Middlewich Heritage Trust Presentation
    Who are we, what do we do? Current projects and how people can get involved.
  • Middlewich Families, work and home living in Middlewich, shops, transport and industry.
    (more suited to schools)


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